These Hallowed Halls

First Session

Our first session was fairly bare bones. The party began in an Inn just hanging. Eventually, a mysterious figure came into the in and sat in the corner of the room. Soon enough this figure accosted another patron of the Inn Nathaniel Barker. The figure apparently was a goblin on another goblins shoulder to impersonate a human.

The party “swiftly” dispatched the two foul beasts and interrogated Nathaniel as to why they would attack him. He said something about them wanting a key to the abandoned mine that he was the proprietor of. The session ended with the party staying at the in with Nathaniel in their room.

What awaits at the mine if they dare to venture there?

Session XP and Loot:
2 Goblin Skullcleavers 300 XP Total = 75 per person.

No loot was discovered.


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